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What do our customers say?

“It has
 helped reduce soft tissue injury claim costs

“On the ergonomics side it’s been significant… more and more staff and managers are using it as a tool that keeps staff safe.”

“10 years ago the incident rate was growing and growing. Wellnomics Risk Management has been good at bringing the rate down.”

“Since having Wellnomics Risk Management we have had no one working with carpal tunnel injuries. It’s the numbers that speak.” 

“It makes a considerable difference in the percentage reduction of incidents and accidents related to office work over the time we’ve been using the tool.”

“Wellnomics Risk Management prevents injury. We are moving in the right direction.”

What are the benefits?

“It is a huge positive because I am able to manage risk which I haven’t been able to do before.”

“Wellnomics Risk Management helps managers with high risk employees.”

“It helped people maintain better usage – highlighting and keeping the topic out in front all the time.”

What about reporting?

“The reporting side of things is very strong. No other company offers reporting at this much detail. It is a huge plus for us.”

“Managers are typically looking on a regular basis for reports to see risk levels. It’s a quick and easy way to see what’s happening and meeting with individuals and setting lower risk levels with them. This is important and it’s easy to do.”

“The reporting capabilities are great. It shows you a summary of the high risk, medium risk and low risk users. It shows you where to focus.”

“The biggest strength is the reporting tool it has a very unique risk algorithm and that’s the key thing that drew us to it.”

Who do we work with?

The comments above come from a cross-section of our larger customers:

  Chevron Corporation Intel
  Boeing NASA BP
  Eli Lilly Weyerhaeuser
  Dow Chemical Idaho National Laboratory

We've delivered results for:

  Safety Managers Safety Specialists

Corporate Ergonomists
Health & Safety Advisors

Health & Safety Consultants Senior Industrial Hygiene Advisors

Head of Global Security and Safety
Health Program Managers