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Wellnomics presenting at Applied Ergonomics Conference 2016

Mar 16, 2016

Sit-stand workstations: how do we get the best out of them?

The research is clear - sedentary behaviour is bad for us, leading to increased risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, heart attack and stroke.   So we need to get office workers standing more, and sit-stand workstations are seen by many as the obvious solution.

However, is it really that easy?  Unfortunately getting office workers to actually use their sit-stand workstations, and use them correctly, is hard. 

This talk will present the findings of an extensive review of the research on sit-stand workstation use.  Based upon these findings the challenges with sit-stand workstations will be discussed and goals for how often and how long users should stand for will be presented.  The development of a software tool for helping users achieve, and sustain, effective sit-stand workstation use will be discussed, together with a 4 month research study on 600 office workers designed to measure the effectiveness of software intervention.

8am Wed March 23.   Room: Coronado M-P, Track: Ergonomics in Design

Wayne Owens (MSc. Dip Health and Safety, Principal Consultant, Wellnomics Ltd)

Wayne Owens has worked in health and safety in a variety of roles covering enforcement, education and consultancy. Since transitioning to the world of software he has played a major role in developing software products that meet the operational needs of users whilst ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and best practice. For the last 8 years he has been involved in developing and implementing office ergonomics software solutions, always with a view to ensuring that solutions are based on the best available research and geared to the need of the real word.