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New Wellnomics White Paper

Jul 1, 2016

Are sit-stand workstations worth the investment?

What the research says about sit-stand workstations, including how to ensure you get the benefits you’re paying for

The research is pretty clear.  Sitting all day – sedentary behavior – isn't good for us (see recently released white paper 'What's wrong with sitting?').  But are sit-stand workstations the answer?

To help separate the facts from the hype Wellnomics commissioned a reserach review covering nearly 50 published research studies on sit-stand workstation usage, with a particular focus on office workers.  

The results make for interesting reading - with the research suggesting sit-stand workstations, unless implemented correctly, can be completely ineffective at reducing sedentary office risks.

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White paper contents

  • Introduction
  • How sedentary is office work currently?
  • Interventions to reduce sedentary behavior in the workplace
  • The research on sit-stand workstations
    • Do sit-stand workstations significantly reduce sitting time?
    • Can sit-stand workstations improve employee health?
    • Are there any downsides to using sit-stand workstations?
    • Do sit-stand workstations affect productivity?
    • What environmental aspects affect the use of sit-stand workstations?
  • Implications for use of sit-stand workstations in the workplace
  • Recommendations for sit-stand workstations
  • Conclusions