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Lots more features for new sit stand software

August 21, 2017

Wellnomics Sit Stand software gets better and better!

Automatic desk move

No more fiddling with buttons on your workstation.  No more contortions while trying to hold the buttons while your desk is moving.   One tap on mouse or keyboard and your workstation moves automatically to the next position for you.

Special safety feature:  The slightest touch on mouse or keyboard and the workstation instantly stops the workstation moving if you need to.  Tap again to continue.

Add a dedicated 'sit stand' key to your keyboard

Have a dedicated 'sit-stand key' on your keyboard.  Do you use all those F1 to F12 function keys on your keyboard?  Thought not.  Choose a key you hardly ever use (e.g. F8, F10, or the "~" key) and Wellnomics Sit Stand will reprogram it as your own personal sit-stand key.   Tap this key any time and your workstation automatically moves to the next position.

No need to take your eyes off your screen or search for those up/down buttons hidden under the edge of your workstation.  So convienient. 

Carry your personal preferences with you to any workstation 

Keep having to readjust your workstation after someone really tall or really short was using it?   Hot desking and can't be bothered fiddling with the desk height controls each time you get to a new workstation?  

Like a luxury car that automatically adjusts your seat to your preferences Wellnomics SIt Stand now gives you the same functionality at the office.  

The software guides you through choosing the recommended sit and stand heights for your body.  Set once, then forget.  After that every time you use a sit-stand workstation it's automatically adjusted within seconds to fit you perfectly.  Get on with your work knowing your company ergonomist will always give you the thumbs up on your workstation.

Auto-standby on remote access

Using a sit stand workstation at work?  Do you log onto your work computer remotely from home or while travelling?  Unlike other sit-stand software Wellnomics Sit Stand automatically detects you're working remotely and suspends reminders.

No point in being reminded to adjust your sit stand workstation when you're not actually in front of it!  This also ensures your standing and calories history is reliable and not skewed by wrong data.

Other features

  • Easy calibration.  Just enter the height desk control, move your workstation a few inches, and hey presto - the software is calibrated and will accurately display and record our workstation height in inches or cm.  
  • Match the software to your corporate branding and furniture options.  Add your company logo, colors and styling to the software.  Instead of generic images, add photos of your organization's own office equipment to make the software more familiar to staff.
  • Report on group data.  Data can be stored in a central location and then reported on across your staff.  Find out how staff are using their sit stand workstations across your organization. 


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