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Wellnomics Risk Management 3.2 released

April 3, 2017

Wellnomics announces a new release of their market leading office ergonomics software - Wellnomics Risk Management.  Version 3.2 provides new features to help EHS staff to work more effectively and efficiently, especially when managing remote staff. 

"Wellnomics Risk Management version 3.2 continues our focus on making it easy for EHS professionals to manage office ergonomics in large organizations."  says CEO Dr Kevin Taylor " Leveraging our experience with global customers like Intel and Eli Lilly our software helps EHS professionals assess and manage remote staff easily, providing a one-stop solution for office ergonomics."

Improved mobile support

User interface specially designed for mobile.   Easily access reports from your mobile or tablet.  Quckly find any user with a simple search bar then view their current risks and history.


Take photos

Take photos of an employee's workstation or posture with a few taps on your mobile phone.  Photos automatically stored against the employee's profile for later review.  Add notes for further action.  

Employees can even add photos themselves using their own mobile phone, allowing you to easily perform remote assessments.

Attach documents

Simply drag and drop any document or photo onto an employee's profile to add it to their case history.  Keep all your employee or case information in one place - easily accessible from anywhere.  

Other enhancements

  • See a risk score for each employee.  Each employee gets a risk score from 0 to 20 depending upon the number of risk factors present.
  • Choose your own threshold at for further action.  Adjust the risk score at which an employee is marked as Medium or High priority.
  • Support for international time zones.
  • Lots more (refer to release notes for version 3.2)