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October 2 New research study launched at Texas A&M University using Wellnomics Sit Stand software
August 21 More features for new sit stand software
April 3 Wellnomics Risk Management 3.2 released
February 10 Australian Tax Office saves $3.5 million


November 1 Wellnomics unveils new sit stand software solution. Designed to help staff get the full benefits from their sit-stand workstation
September 12 Wellnomics WorkPace 5.1 Released. Latest update for market leading stretch-break software.
August 10 Landmark study on sit-stand workstations launched
July 1 New Wellnomics White Paper on the effectiveness of sit-stand workstations - "Are sit-stand workstations worth the investment?"
March 16 Wellnomics Presents at Applied Ergonomics Conference on Latest Research on Sit-Stand Workstations
January 28 New Wellnomics White Paper on risks associated with prolonged sitting -"What's wrong with sitting?"


November 5 Wellnomics Risk Management version 3.0 Released with major user interface update
May 25 Intel increases its commitment to Wellnomics Risk Management
April 22 WorkPace - the #1 Best Selling Stretch-Break tool is now in HD!
March 20 Wellnomics Unveils WorkPace® for Linux


February 25 Free Exercises App for Android Released.


November 3 Wellnomics tells 25,000 staff at Australian Tax Office to take a break
July 1 Free Exercises App for iOS (iPhone/iPad) Released.
Marcj 21 Wellnomics helps deliver 74% decrease in RSI injuries for Chevron


December 5 Fully hosted solution now available in Europe and North America
July 16 Management invest in the future of Wellnomics Dutch subsidiary
May 7 Is doing good for your employees potentially bad?
March 20 Wellnomics WorkPace 4.3 released