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Exercises App for Android Released

Feb 25, 2014

Prevent RSI guided by beautiful HD video exercises on your Android mobile

Ergonomics software providers Wellnomics today released the first Android version of their market leading WorkPace stretch-break software. 

Our clients are expressing increasing concerns about protecting the health of their staff as use of Android and iOS phones and tablets proliferate." says Dr Kevin Taylor, Wellnomics founder and CEO.

"Increasing use of these devices for work purposes is eroding the ability of health and safety staff to ensure good workstation ergonomics."

Mobile devices simply don't lend themselves to maintaining good posture, and they don't fit with the traditional model of a desktop computer based workstation where desk, screen, keyboard and mouse can be set up to minimise ergonomic risks.  Wellnomics believes the future of successful office ergonomics lies in placing protection directly on the device itself - getting the device to automatically monitor user behaviour and prompt users to take breaks and shift their posture regularly to mitigate the risks posted by extended use of these devices.

Wellnomics Stretch Break 1.0 for Android has been released as a first step towards this goal, providing 25 HD quality videos of exercises and stretches to encourage movement and postural relief when using mobile devices. Instructions are provided for each exercise in 10 languages, ensuring users in any country can receive instruction in their preferred language.  

Specially designed to reduce muscle tension and increase blood flow in office workers, these exercises can help prevent RSI.  The engaging videos guide the user through each exercise and stretch, ensuring they perform them correctly.

Wellnomics Stretch Break v1.0 is available FREE from Google Play.  

Search for Wellnomics in the Google Play store on your Android phone or tablet, or install directly from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wellnomics.stretches