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Intel increases its commitment to Wellnomics Risk Management

May 25, 2015

Wellnomics solutions have been enabling the management and mitigation of ergonomic health risks at Intel for the past three years. During this time, Intel have been successful in using the Wellnomics solution, to identify high risk departments and groups, where increased risks are correlated with increased injury rates. By identifying high risk departments Intel is able to target resources to high risk staff, with the goal of preventing injuries before they occur, thus lessening total injury rates and ensuring the highest standards in corporate economics are maintained.

The Wellnomics Risk Management Solution in place at Intel identifies user and team risks, and provides targeted recommendations to both, the individual user as well as management reports, which advise how to best reduce the risks identified. The application of these recommendations are then tracked simultaneously with the correlating changes in the individuals risk, providing an audit of the effectiveness of the applied solution.

The newly signed contract has expanded the distribution of the Wellnomics solution to an enterprise level agreement.

Dr. Kevin Taylor of Wellnomics announced his excitement regarding the renewed partnership between Intel and Wellnomics:

“Wellnomics’ mission is to ’improve the health, wellbeing and productivity of computer users though software solutions’. Our companies have worked closely together over the past three years to ensure that the Intel staff are in fact healthier, with improving levels of productivity, and we are thrilled that Intel’s findings have led them to not only renewing, but increasing their contract to a level that covers all of their computer users around the globe”.

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