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Landmark study on sit-stand workstations launched

Aug 10, 2016

A landmark study on sit-stand workstations has been launched within Comcare, Australia.  In the study nearly 700 office workers using sit-stand workstations will be monitored over 3-4 months to record their daily behaviour using sit-stand workstations.  Statistics on their use of their sit-stand workstations, including workstation height, time spent standing and sitting each day, and how often the workstation is adjusted will be recorded automatically by unique new software developed by Wellnomics.  The software connects to the workstation to directly record all changes in the workstation as they're made by the user. 

"This is an exciting study! We believe this is the first time a large scale study like this has been done recording detailed statistics on actual use of each sit-stand workstation.  Instead of relying on estimates we'll have realiable and accurate data on actual employee behaviour." says Dr Kevin Taylor, CEO of Wellnomics.  "This should provide the researchers with much greater power to accurately identify trends and test hypotheses"

After a one month baseline monitoring period reminders will be activated in the software to prompt staff to stand and sit at the ideal times based upon the latest research on sedentary reducing risks. Key questions the study aims to answer are:

How much are sit-stand workstations used in a real world office environment?

How effective are software reminders at improving use of sit-stand workstations?

Texas A&M Ergonomics Center and Wellnomics will be presenting findings from the study at the 20th Annual Applied Ergonomics Conference in Orlando, Florida in March, 2017. Click here if you would like to be notified of the study results when available.

Comcare is an Australian government entity responsible for managing the health and safety needs of the entire Australian federal government.  All ~700 Comcare employees have had electronically operated sit-stand workstations for several years now.

The study is being managed by researchers at the Texas A&M Ergonomics Center and funded by the US based Office Ergonomics Research Committee (OERC).  Wellnomics is providing the software for the study and Linak Australia is providing the hardware that connects the software to the workstations for the automated monitoring.