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Wellnomics WorkPace 4.3 released

WorkPace maintains its position as the market leader for injury prevention stretch-break software with the release of version 4.3

March 20, 2012 - Significant improvements and new features include:

  • Teaches keyboard shortcuts for commonly used applications (e.g. Microsoft Office) to help reduce mouse use and improve efficiency.
  • Ergonomics tips displayed on both Micropauses and Rest Breaks, and can be customised by organisations to present their own messages to staff.
  • New simplified break settings to minimise work disruption for those at low risk
  • Support for remote desktop sessions
  • New optional 'bouncing icon' alert style
  • Arabic language support

Mouse use is one of the biggest causes of arm, shoulder and neck pain. Using keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse in the common applications (such as Microsoft Word, Outlook and Excel) can significantly reduce mouse use, and thereby greatly reduce the risk of discomfort and injury. Keyboard shortcuts are also faster and improve working efficiency - producing a win-wineven greater benefits. WorkPace 4.3 teaches 45 different shortcuts designed for the most common tasks computer users have - such as editing and navigating through documents.

WorkPace 4.3 also provides an expanded list of over 40 ergonomics tips displayed on Micropauses and Rest Breaks - constantly reinforcing the ergonomics message in the organisation.

Customers can also now customize the tips displayed to their staff, ensuring they communicate their organisation's policies and updating them regularly to keep staff engaged.

Annoyance at interruptions by breaks is a common complaint with stretch-break software. WorkPace 4.3 provides more ways to minimise interruption with the new Simple Presets. Choose 'Monitoring Only' to avoid break interruptions completely but still ensure employees risks are being monitored. Gradually escalate the settings to suit the needs of each employee - from low risk to injury recovery.

It's increasingly common for employees to use more than one computer at once - accessing another through a 'remote desktop connection'. WorkPace 4.3 now specifically supports this, automatically suspending if detecting use through a remote session. This ensures computer use is not 'double-counted' and prevents doubling up of breaks when WorkPace is running on two or more computers at the same time.

WorkPace 4.3 introduces a new 'bouncing icon' alert style. Staff can now choose between two alert styles - choosing which works best for them.

For Wellnomics Risk Management clients WorkPace now provides a direct link from the Status Panel to the employee Wellnomics online Risk Report. At a click of a button employees can see if they're at risk and why.

WorkPace maintains its leadership in internationalization with the addition of the Arabic language. This brings the total number languages supported by WorkPace to 12 now - the highest of any software of this type on the market.

WorkPace 4.3 continues Wellnomics tradition of providing the best possible solutions for organizations who place a priority on the wellbeing of their office workers. Integrated with Wellnomics Risk Management version 2.5 WorkPace 4.3 provides the leading office ergonomics software solution on the market.

For more information on the new WorkPace 4.3 release see here.

About Wellnomics

Founded in 1997 by directors Dr Kevin Taylor and Dr Rob van Nobelen, Wellnomics® is a leader in the office ergonomics software field, with many thousands of clients across North America, Australasia and Europe and over 1 million software product licenses in use worldwide. Clients include Global 1000 organisations such as Philips, Boeing (NASA), Chevron, Intel, Shell, BP, ING Bank, KPMG, PWC, US Department of Energy, Cap Gemini, Nike, and Eli Lilly.

Wellnomics provides an integrated suite of software that helps organisations effectively manage the health and safety of large numbers of office workers. Wellnomics products are designed to meet legislative requirements, improve productivity and prevent injuries, and are underpinned by extensive international research.

At any one time Wellnomics is involved with numerous scientific studies on computer use in the office environment around the world. These activities allow Wellnomics to ensure its products are scientifically validated and provide objectively measurable improvements to health and safety outcomes. For more information, please visit www.wellnomics.com.