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Wellnomics helps deliver 74% decrease in RSI injuries for Chevron

March 21, 2013

Data from 30,000 staff worldwide show stunning reduction in overuse injuries

Oil and gas giant Chevron today revealed in a keynote address at the Applied Ergonomics Conference in Dallas, TX, that their world class RSI reduction programme, built around Wellnomics software solutions, had delivered a 74% reduction in companywide RSI rates between 2003 and 2010.

“This is stunning data from a very large sample, providing the clearest evidence that our solutions deliver real health and safety benefits to our customers,” says Dr Kevin Taylor, Wellnomics founder and CEO.

“More importantly this study shows we are making a difference for thousands of people afflicted with overuse injuries.”

Dr Taylor says this was the first time data from Chevron's extensive office ergonomics data set had been brought together into a single dataset and statistically analysed, providing rigorous results that would support and add to the company’s knowledge and the on-going improvement of their office ergonomics program.

“Having used Wellnomics WorkPace stretch-break software company wide for nearly 10 years now, Chevron have built up an extensive dataset on computer use exposure and risk, allowing them to perform one of the largest analyses of its type to date in the ergonomics field, analysing data on computer use, break compliance, self-reported discomfort and incident statistics from nearly 30,000 Chevron staff from around the world.” 

Computer use, non-neutral postures and not taking breaks were correlated with high levels of confidence having self-reported discomfort in the study, says Dr Taylor.

Chevron’s office ergonomics program includes RSI awareness training (Wellnomics Risk Management), a consistent process for educating and reinforcing safe work habits, and ergonomic software (WorkPace) to help alleviate risks associated with prolonged computer use.

“A key part of Chevron’s programme has been the use of Wellnomics Risk Management and the Wellnomics WorkPace software, installed on nearly 90,000 desktops worldwide, providing Chevron with unparalleled visibility on the risk levels of staff across the organisation and allowing them to identify high risk staff before injury occurs.”

“Our risk assessment and risk identification tools in Wellnomics Risk Management have contributed to making Chevron’s office ergonomics programme one of the best in the oil and gas industry,” says Dr Taylor.