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WorkPace - the #1 Best Selling Stretch-Break tool is now in HD!

Apr 22, 2015

Wellnomics WorkPace has set the standard in office injury prevention for 20 years. Their latest tool combines these years of research with beautiful technology. 

Todays’ release - WorkPace 5.0 - has a bright, clean style echoing that of Microsoft Windows 8 applications. The high resolution videos play in full-screen, encouraging the end user to step out of their chair to perform the stretches in a standing position.

A statement from Wellnomics founder and CEO Dr. Kevin Taylor, states:

“Working at a computer often involves very few changes in body position; this lack of movement can increase the risk of muscle strain and discomfort. Thanks to our new ‘full-screen mode’ WorkPace is the only stretch-break tool with exercises large enough to allow them to be followed step-by-step by a user without the risk of causing eyestrain”.

Wellnomics’ new release also saw the announcement of the new WorkPace Dashboard, which shows a summary of the users total computer and mouse use for the day, as well as Micropause and WorkPace Break compliance. “Keep both the Workpace ‘smiley face's’ happy and you're guaranteed be a healthy computer user” say Wellnomics.

Additional announced features of the WorkPace 5 Dashboard include:

  • Multi-coloured bars show at a glance if your level of computer or mouse use puts you in a higher risk group.
  • Display either a one or four week average.
  • Mouse-over the smiley icons to see how many breaks you have taken or ignored.
  • Mouse-over the bars to see how your computer or mouse use compares to the average user. Are you in the top 10% of computer users, or the top 1%.
  • Quickly adjust settings at any time using the dropdown.
  • See details on your current settings by clicking the expand button.
  • Click Advanced Settings to view the full WorkPace Console and access other less used settings.

 Corporate customers will be excited to learn that WorkPace 5 now provides a direct link from the console to the users’ Wellnomics Risk Management Risk Report, enabling staff to faster access their statistics, recommendations, and training – all are one click away.