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The many forms of RSI (WMSD)

RSI (WMSD) is not a single condition. Instead it should be regarded as an umbrella term with many quite different conditions under it. All the conditions listed below are forms of RSI (WMSD) (note that they are not necessarily caused by repetition though - see explanation).

Common Names

  • writer's cramp
  • washer woman's wrist
  • fisher woman's finger
  • scrivener's palsy
  • tennis / golfer's elbow
  • trigger finger
  • telegraphers wrist

Medical Names

Localised inflammations

Compression syndromes

Pain syndromes

Trigger finger
de Quevian's tenosynovitis
rotator cuff syndrome
cervicothoracic dysfunction
postural syndromes
muscle strain
carpel tunnel syndrome
thoracic outlet syndrome
radial / ulnar nerve compression
Chronic pain syndrome
myofascial syndromes
regional pain syndrome
complex regional pain sydrome
reflex sympathetic dystrophy

These are taken from New Zealand ACC publication Prevention of Occupational Overuse Syndrome - A handbook for co-ordinators of workplace WMSD prevention programmes (ISBN 0-478-10246-1)

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