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RSI in the 18th Century

Yes - RSI isn't new - its been around a long time...  A quote from the physician Ramazinni in his book De Morbis Artificum published in 1793.

"Various and manifold is the harvest of diseases reaped by certain workers from the crafts and trades they pursue. All the profit that they get is fatal injury to their health, mostly from two causes.

The first and most potent is the harmful character of the materials they handle.

The second, I ascribe to certain violent and irregular motions and unnatural postures of the body, by reason of which, the natural structure of the vital machine is so impaired that serious disease gradually develop therefrom."

Note the reference to "irregular motions and unnatural postures". For many, not properly trained in the correct use of keyboard or mouse, much of the use of these devices involves irregular motions, i.e. motions that place a strain on our muscles and tendons. The human body is made to move about, sitting all day in a chair staring at a computer screen is definitely an unnatural posture.