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Use Windows shortcut keys

Reduce mouse use & improve your productivity!
Copy Ctrl-C
Paste Ctrl-V
Undo Ctrl-Z
Change window    Alt-Tab
Quit Application Alt-F4

Make sure you use the Alt key for underlined characters in menus e.g. for File use Alt-F




Bold Ctrl-B   Always use PageUp / PageDn instead of scroll bar
Italics Ctrl-I   End of Line End
Underline Ctrl-U   Start of Line Home
Heading 1 Ctrl-Alt-1   End of Document Ctrl-End
Heading 2 Ctrl-Alt-2   Start of Document Ctrl-Home
Heading 3 Ctrl-Alt-3   Move by one Word Ctrl-→



  Move by one Paragraph Ctrl-↓
Delete Previous Word Ctrl-Backspace     Ctrl-↑
Delete Next Word Ctrl-Delete      

Spreadsheets / Tables



Next cell Tab   Select All   Ctrl-A
Previous cell Shift-Tab   Select a whole Word Ctrl-Shift-
First cell in row Alt-Home     Ctrl-Shift-
Last cell in row Alt-End   Select a whole Paragraph Ctrl-Shift-
Top cell in column Alt-PageUp     Ctrl-Shift-
Bottom cell in column Alt-PageDn   Select to end of line Shift-End
      Select to start of line Shift-Home



Useful Extras

Save   Ctrl-S   Try some of these:  
Print   Ctrl-P   Change Caps select text & press Shift-F3
Find   Ctrl-F   Superscript Ctrl-Shift-=
Go to last edit in document Shift-F5   Subscript Ctrl-=
Check spelling F7   Page Break Ctrl-Enter
Close sub-window Ctrl-F4   Copyright Ctrl-Alt-C
Minimise Alt,Space,N      
Maximise Alt,Space,X      
Update all fields Ctrl-A,F9