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Latest release - Wellnomics Sit Stand 1.6.2

Released 20 Feb 2019

New features

Settings Presets

New presets added.  During setup user is asked to choose an option from a pre-defined list of presets going from 'Beginner' to 'Expert'.  This automatically sets their sit and stand times to appropriate values.   The presets provide a graduated increase over time from standing a small amount to standing the full recommended 50% of the time.

In the Wellnomics Sit Stand Console the settings is much simplified for the user.  They just choose what preset they want.   The ability to direct adjust the sit stand values to you own values is still available by clicking arrow next to the presets dropdown to expand the form.  If you edit the settings directly and your chosen sit and stand times don't match one of the presets the settings dropdown will show "Custom".   

The presets can be easily changed or customized in the presets.xml file.  (WSS-664)

Support for data sychrononization with Wellnomics server

Implemented support for synchronization of daily usage and sit-stand data to Wellnomics server using new fast JSON data sync protocol.  This is designed to allow user and management reporting on sit stand behaviour in the next version of Wellnomics 3.4 to be released shortly.  (WSS-701)

The data synchronization includes a new secure authentication protocol which requires the user to log in to confirm their credentials on the server. A unique token will be generated that can then be used to synchronize data against this user in a secure manner. (WSS-688)


  • Improved how the wizard handles whether a cable is connected. Is now clearer and handles different scenarios better. (WSS-637)
  • Shortcut key now works in Desk Adjust window. Previously shortcut key could open Desk Adjust window, but wouldn't work inside it. (WSS-641)
  • 'Esc' key can now be used to close the Desk Adjustment Window.  (WSS-721)
  • If WSS was set to use a UNC path for configuration files and storing data, if there was an error with the UNC path when WSS first ran it would use the local configuration settings instead, which could cause issues.   Now if there is a problem with the UNC path an error is displayed so the user can address this.  (WSS-639)