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What is WorkPace?

Want to ensure your office staff are working in a healthy manner?

Wellnomics® WorkPace® Breaks & Exercises are proven to create positive and sustainable behaviour change among office workers, reducing complaints by up to 60% and increasing productivity by 10%1.  With Wellnomics installed on desktops your employees become your biggest ally in the fight for improved productivity and zero lost work time incidents.

WorkPace works because it gets people to accept personal responsibility for their own safety. It helps employees monitor their own work patterns and make sustainable improvements to their work habits. The result is lowered fatigue, reduced injuries and healthier, happier employees.

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What does Wellnomics WorkPace Breaks & Exercises do?

The software runs in the background on each office worker’s desktop. It monitors their computer use and when and how often they take breaks. It then provides training, breaks and exercise reminders plus work load feedback tailored to each worker’s needs, thus helping them achieve positive behaviour change and reduce their injury risk. 

Exercises and stretches to rejuvenate muscles




Reminders for micropauses and breaks to reduce fatigue




Live feedback on work behaviour



Tailored individually to each employee

Think of Wellnomics Breaks & Exercises as the health and safety assistant on every desktop – helping your office workers achieve a healthy balance in their computer work every day.

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What's the benefits?

The benefits that Wellnomics Breaks & Exercises (WorkPace) provides for the office worker include:

  • Reduction in fatigue and discomfort from computer use
  • Improved concentration, accuracy and productivity
  • Less time off due to injury or ill-health

For management the benefits include:

  • Reduction in injury claims
  • Increased productivity
  • Reporting on computer use and break compliance
  • Compliance with health and safety requirements for office workers

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Getting the most from WorkPace

Who already understands the benefits of Wellnomics WorkPace Breaks & Exercises?

Thousands of organisations already use Wellnomics Breaks & Exercises (WorkPace), with over one million licenses in use worldwide. Many of these organisations are well known around the world including:

Intel Philips Boeing (NASA)
Eli Lilly ABN AMRO
Ernst & Young Shell US Department of Energy
Ericsson ING Bank

Health and Safety managers say Wellnomics Breaks & Exercises (WorkPace) is the single most important factor in their fight against musculoskeletal disorders amongst office workers. Using  the software has increased productivity and improved the bottom line for their organisations.

Multi lingual, multi platform

Wellnomics Breaks & Exercises (WorkPace) is available in 12 languages - English, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, French, and Arabic.  The software is available for both Windows and Linux.

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