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Extending a trial

If one month has not been enough time to assess your trial of WorkPace you can be given a Trial Extension Key. Note that, once a trial has expired, downloading another copy of WorkPace will only extend your trial period if the download is a more recent version.

A trial extension is given:

  • After making an order: If you make an online order then the Trial Extension Key can be given to you online. If you make an email, post, or fax order and require an extension then your Reseller will send one to you.
  • At the discretion of your Reseller: Contact them with your Trial Extension Request Code and reason for extension.

Steps to extend your trial

  1. Open the  Wellnomics WorkPace Console by double-clicking on the WorkPace icon in the Windows System Tray (see bottom right hand corner of your screen)
  2. Click Advanced Settings on toolbar
  3. Choose Registration > Trial Extension
  4. Copy the Trial Extension Request Code (e.g. A12345-4352-007).  Easiest is to select the code, and press Ctrl-C to copy it.  Then paste it into a message to Wellnomics or your Reseller with your request.
  5. A matching Trial Extension Key will then be sent to you, which you can then copy and paste into the Trial Extension window.