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WorkPace for Individuals

WorkPace Multimedia Training Presentation

The WorkPace Multimedia Training uses interactive graphics and animation to educate computer users about muscle fatigue and recovery and using WorkPace. Designed to be both educational and entertaining, the 20-minute presentation explains the background to computer-related health problems, and how WorkPace can overcome them. New WorkPace users are introduced to micropauses, breaks and exercises, given advice on their importance and how to perform them correctly.

25 Exercises And Stretches

The range of exercises and stretches provided by WorkPace has been designed to address eye fatigue, the lower body, and provide more variety for the upper body.


Work Intensity and Break Compliance Indicators

Continuous feedback on your working habits is provided with the Work Intensity and Break Compliance Indicators. See at a glance how intensively you have been using the computer, and how well you have taken needed breaks.


Work Intensity Indicator

Break Compliance Indicator

Dynamic charts of computer use statistics

A built-in Chart Tool allows you to look at charts of your computer activity over the current day, and over past months. See how your computer use varies from minute-to-minute during the day, or look at trends in activity over a longer period of time such as the last 6 months or more.