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What is Wellnomics Risk Management?

Manage office ergonomics from your desktop

Wellnomics® provides you an integrated software solution for office ergonomics.  All the tools you need to streamline your office ergonomics program, including ergonomics training, workstation assessment, reporting, and follow-up.

Wellnomics Risk Management

Wellnomics is based on the latest research on office ergonomics.


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Each employee can see their own risk profile



At one click EHS can see risks levels across the organization. 



Drill down to identify high risk staff and why they're at risk.



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Increase the efficiency of your ergonomics program

  • Allow staff to self-train and self-assess from their desktop
  • Quickly identify at-risk staff
  • Target manual assessments to high risk staff

Make EHS staff more effective

  • EHS staff get a pre-prepared risk report identifying issues
  • Spend less time identifying issues, more time fixing them

Measure the hidden risks

  • Automatic measurement of high computer use and insufficient breaks

Easy to use

You don’t need an IT degree. Wellnomics is designed to be simple to use - scheduling and managing assessments is a breeze; employees are automatically prompted and guided through their assessments; managers can access simple reports on their staff at the click of a mouse. From 50 employees up to 100,000 Wellnomics makes it easy.


Module 1

Areas covered
Computer Use Hours spent using mouse and keyboard, and number of and length of breaks
Intensity Speed and intensity of mouse and keyboard activity
Breaks Compliance with legislative or health and safety guidelines for breaks and safe exposure limits. Also covers use of Wellnomics Breaks & Exercise software (WorkPace)

Module 2

Areas covered
Posture and Workstation Ergonomics Ergonomics of the employee’s workstation and their postures when using the computer
Discomfort Levels and location of existing symptoms and past history of symptoms
Work Environment Job control, work pressure, symptoms of stress, and quality of management and co-worker support
Individual Factors Individual factors such as physical fitness, gender, reaction to stress and coping abilities


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