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Office ergonomics training

Enabling staff to complete their health and safety training at their desk

Wellnomics® Ergonomics Training is a web-based training course on office ergonomics that takes just 15-20 minutes to complete. It educates office workers on the risks in their working environment and teaches them how to set up their workstation optimally.

Interactivity enhances learning and makes training fun

Wellnomics interactive graphics help staff to adjust their workstation in a virtual environment, and learn why some setups are better than others. The training is designed to hold the attention of staff and maximise retention of learning.

Quiz verifies learning has taken place

A short quiz at the end of each section checks that staff have learned and understood the key points.

Training covers all the bases

Topics covered include:

  • Health and safety risks in office work
  • Adjustment of chair and desk
  • Good posture
  • Position of screen, keyboard and mouse
  • Use of laptops
  • Importance of breaks
  • Lighting, temperature and noise

Track who has completed the training

Reports show you who has completed the training and who hasn’t. You can then choose to send reminders to staff who haven’t completed the training, and schedule refresher courses for later dates.

Content can be customised to your needs

If you have special training requirements we can customise Wellnomics Ergonomics Training to suit your organisation’s needs.